Hacker raids Clash of Clans’ Facebook; reveals Supercell’s daily income to be $5.15M

Clash of Clans developer Supercell has been raided by a hacker called Ethical Spectrum. While they didn't lose any trophies, elixir or gold, the hacker did access their Facebook pages for Clash of Clans and Hay Day and post screenshots that show the company's daily revenue.

For February 7, 2014, Supercell earned $5.15 million in revenue, with 931k new users. Daily Active Users was 29.4M and the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User was $0.18. 

If you are one of the users that have used a credit card to purchase gems in Clash of Clans, don't worry — Ethical Spectrum tweeted that he does not "have access to players [sic] credit card information."

supcercell hacked

clash of clans revenue

It's not sure what Eithical Spectrum's motive is, but in an interview with e27, he said he's from Syria and that "I was able to cause greater damage to the company, but I do not want it. I worked for a lot of companies, but they were more cooperative from this company. So I had to show them that I was able to do a lot."

When asked if he'll be releasing more information, he responded, "This depends on the cooperation of the company with me."

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