Hacker FamedGod releases video explaining why he targeted PSN for DDoS attack


It now appears that FamedGod was not the one responsible for the DDoS attack on PlayStation Network. His Twitter account has been suspended and Lizard Squad, the original suspected group, has not only posted more evidence supporting their claim, but has also taken down other gaming channels including Twitch.tv and League of Legends.


FamedGod, the new person claiming to be the real hacker responsible for today's DDoS attack on PlayStation Network, has released a video explaining his actions.

In typical hacker fashion, the video plays some eerie music as a robotic-sounding, altered-voice complains about Sony's security policy regarding PSN. He apparently did all of this to each the company a lesson in online security.

Here's a transcript of the video:

Welcome followers and supporters of FamedGod. Over the past 9 hours many are wondering why such events have occurred to the playstation network. Sony is a company that lacks the security which makes every user vulnerable to having their information leaked. Jailbreaks can access hidden and prohibited content now. Memory dumping can reveal the hidden servers which personal and main information is stored. Simple hex converting and decryption lead to a full DDoS on playstations main server data center. Please understand, I am here to show, that you as a corperate company are vulnerable. Sony You just launched a new system on a new network but it all leads to the same server. How more vulnerable could you make your network? Take advise from microsoft and their ways of security. They know what they're doing and have the security to prevent most attacks. This took little to no effort to preform such an attack. The funny thing is that you still allow people to access the network on these jailbroken consoles. If you really wanted to remove them from your network entirely, you would drop the current network and forge all the information to a new and well secured network making it impracticle to mod the next. The fact you cant even stop the sign in from modded firmware is ridiculous. You apparently, didnt solve a thing when you went down for a month. I hope you think twice next time. Thank you and Follow me on twitter at famedgod.

At this point, there appears to be some sort of hacker war going on between Lizard Squad and FamedGod, who I believe is a member of Anonymous. It seems the two are taking credit for today's DDoS attack, but judging by this video and the publishing of Lizard Squad's IP information, it appears that FamedGod is really the one responsible. Not that it really matters, both are a**holes.

But while FamedGod appears to be the real hackers, Lizard Squad has found other ways to be jerks and ruin peoples' lives. Earlier today, the group tweeted to American Airlines that a plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley had "explosives on-board." As a result, the plane was diverted to another airport and all passengers have been deplaned.

Sheesh, what a day.