GZ Spotlight: Women in Gaming

GZ Spotlight: Women in Gaming

Louis Bedigian Interviews some of the
top women in the Gaming Industry as we lead up to this years Women’s Game



Sheri Graner Ray (Game Designer, Sony Online Entertainment)

Game Designer Sheri Graner Ray Talks to GameZone
about Quality, the Industry, and the Changes that need to be made


“I can’t imagine wanting to come work in the game industry after
spending a couple of hours with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.”



Ellen Beeman (Live Team Producer, The Matrix Online)

Matrix Online’s” Live Team Producer Talks Games, Graphics, Storytelling and More

“For certain game genres, if you don’t push the limits of
graphics capability to the utmost, it will seriously affect your sales


Laura Fryer (Director of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group)

Xbox Director Laura Fryer Tackles Gaming’s Toughest
Issues; Talks About Her Role in the Women’s Game Conference

“…The problem is, every time a game comes out that does have
good voice acting, they’ve just set the bar for every other game.”


Mia Consalvo (Assistant Professor, Researcher of Cheating In Games)

Is It Wrong To
Cheat?  Assistant Professor Mia Consalvo Explores the World of Game Codes, Cheat
Devices and Cheating Online


“If you look at things like strategy guides, game magazines and online walk-thrus
and cheat codes, a lot of this stuff increases replayability of the game.”


Kathy Scoback (Vice President of Content Strategy for
Infinium Labs.)

Labs’s Kathy Schoback Shares Her Gaming Wisdom

“At least once a
month, buy and play a game that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose.  You’d
probably be pleasantly surprised, and you’d also be supporting creativity from
unexpected places.”

Mary Margaret Walker and
Robin McShaffry

founders of Mary-Margaret.com

Recruiting Firm Mary-Margaret.com Talks to GameZone about the Women’s Game
Conference, how to Break into the Game Industry and More

“Encouraging women to be in the game industry
means encouraging women to play video games.”