GZ Interview: QMotions Technology takes you Deeper Into the World of Interactive Entertainment

Technology takes you Deeper Into the World of Interactive Entertainment


Louis Bedigian


“It adds a whole new
dimension to the game, a whole new dimension of reality.”




At this point in time, when
games look super-realistic and new, more powerful consoles are only a couple
years away, it’s hard to remember a time when games were two-dimensional. 
What we have now was once a game developer’s dream.  Now that we have it, what
do game developers dream of?


As much as they love power,
most major developers want a greater amount of interactivity.  They want a
console that really grabs the player and makes him or her a part of the
experience.  Psychologically, this is currently possible with the right game
setting (intense music and sound effects don’t hurt either).  Physically we’re
still not quite there, but that may be about to change.


QMotions, Inc. is ready to
strike the market with a different kind of game controller.  The golf ball you
see attached to the controller’s arm is what you hit.  Not with your thumbs,
but with your own golf club!


“Our very first product,
which is QMotions Golf, is compatible with existing PC golf games,” said Amro
Albanna, founder and CEO of QMotions, Inc.  “You get to use your own golf
clubs.  [Our controller] captures directions and speed that gets translated
into the game.  So instead of using a mouse, a gamepad, or a keyboard, you get
to actually use your own club.  As you swing the club it captures speed and
direction, and you get to see the exact same thing on the screen.  It adds a
whole new dimension to the game, a whole new dimension of reality.”


Mr. Albanna was eager to
tell us more about his innovative technology, so we sat down with him to talk
about QMotions, Inc.



First off, tell our readers what QMotions
is all about.  Why is it important and why should they be interested in it?


Amro Albanna:

QMotions is a company that uses Active Game Controllers.  And by that I mean
controllers that really incorporate the players’ skills – physical skills –
into the game.


How is it able to detect
your swings and pick up the precise details of your actions?



We have optical sensors in
the controller.  As the arm rotates we’re able to measure speed, and then we
also have the ability to sense direction.  The controller itself doesn’t just
sense straight direction but it has the ability to sense right and left hooks


Which sports simulations do
you plan to tackle next?



Our immediate plans are
going to be in the baseball area.  It just seems to be a natural fit for us, a
natural next step for us.


When do you think you’ll be
releasing that one?



We really have not made any
firm commitment on this one yet, but it will be sometime this year.


The future of Tiger Woods
golf games may never be the same!



Tell us about your deal with the DISCover
game console.



DISCover game console is
part of our platform strategy.  We started out with the PC platform, so our
game controllers right now our only on the PC platform.  Then DISCover is the
very next platform that we plan on supporting.  We will be compatible with
them as they go out on production, so if you buy a DISCover console as a
consumer, our controllers will be compatible with it as well.


Could this technology be
adapted for use with other game consoles?



Definitely.  That is in our
platform strategy.  We plan on becoming compatible with other game consoles we
as well.


How long did it take to
develop the first QMotions product?



About a year.


What is the price of
QMotions Golf?



The retail price is $249,
and that will include the actual floor unit, which is the unit that you
actually get to hit with your own club.  It will have an adaptor that hooks
the floor unit to the PC.  And it will also include a PC golf game, but we
haven’t made any official announcement on which one that will be.


Will you be selling it in
stores or only on your Web site –




We will be doing both.  We
will be selling it in stores and directly on our Web site, and an 800 number
as well.


Thank you for your time.