GZ Interview: Everyones Favorite Animated Ogre Is Back In Shrek 2

Everyone’s Favorite Animated Ogre Is Back In “Shrek 2”


Louis Bedigian


Developed by
Luxoflux, the creators of True Crime: The Streets of LA.


People don’t usually love
ogres.  I mean look at them, they’re big, ugly, and usually obnoxious.  What’s
to love about that?


Of course, you could say the
same thing about a certain Fat Bastard.  He now holds a special place in our
hearts (mine at least), but that’s only because of the man behind the fat:
Mike Myers.  If anyone can make you love a character for what’s inside (the
thing that parents tell us counts the most), it’s him.


One of his most popular
characters is not unlike the ugly and obnoxious ogres I previously described. 
The difference is what Mike Myers adds to the character – a likable charm that
you couldn’t possibly hate.


After you’ve rushed to the
theater to see the new film, extend the fun at home with the video game.  The
graphics are top-notch, the story is said to go beyond the film, and best of
all it’s being developed by Luxoflux.  If you’ve been living under a rock for
the past two years, Luxoflux is the developer that brought you True Crime:
The Streets of LA


I haven’t had the chance to play Shrek 2
yet, but I was lucky enough to chat with the game’s Art Director and Project
Lead, Joby-Rome Otero.  He tells us all about the gameplay, the story, its use
of movie-quality graphics and more.


Does the game follow the
same story as the second film?


Joby-Rome Otero:

The game follows the film’s major events and goes beyond the movie to explore
more of the world of Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and their buddies. We explore areas
that offer the best combination of action, puzzles, combat and the personality
of the film, particularly the humor.


Which game genre does Shrek
2 belong to?



Shrek 2 contains elements of action, platformer, adventure and even music
games, but I think it’s just innovative enough to make one scratch their head
a little in answering that question 🙂



Screen Shot for DeltaAdvance Engine

Shrek and
the gang are back for more hilarious fun.



What is the gameplay like?  Moviegoers
know what to expect from the film (more hilarious comedy), but game players do
not know what to expect from the game.



Shrek 2 could be called a four-player, action-adventure platformer. Shrek and
company deals with combat, puzzles, death defying leaps and mini-games
together and each character sometimes gets the spotlight to themselves in
specially designed interludes called "Hero Time." The player is always in
control of one of four characters they can switch between at any time.


Players can expect
movie-based levels and characters as well as original land characters.  Each
playable character has his or her own unique special abilities that are vital
in different situations so clever players will find that there’s usually more
than one way through the same situation. This will lead to a lot of


Screenshots indicate that
the game has multiple camera angles.  Is that the case?



Yes, that’s true. The game camera mode changes to give the player the best
view of the action. Our goal was to let the player be immersed in the game and
never have to worry about the camera. Even so, we give the player control of
the camera if they want it.



Screen Shot for DeltaAdvance Engine

fairytale jokes are one of the best things about Shrek.



How much has the game
changed since its unveiling last May?



Last May we were only able to show two levels and five characters in a very
early build with very few FX, which has a dramatic impact on the feel of the
game, and the combat was not finished. The game is now finished and features
10 unique playable characters, powerful combat, complete multi-player
functionality, bonus levels, voiceover, hints, mini-games, "Hero Times" and on
and on.


Additionally, we had almost
no cinematics at last year’s E3 as we were almost entirely focused on the
gameplay at that point. Since an emotional connection with the player is
critical in a game like this, the cinematics play a huge part. We love to see
how the player gets a grin out of seeing the look on Donkey’s face when he
burro-blasts something in a cinematic and then the player gets to do it right


Which graphic and animation
programs were used to create Shrek 2’s impressive visuals?



We use 3D Studio Max 5 for all 3D content and Photoshop for 95% of the texture
and touch-up work. We also use ACDSee, Character Studio as well as some
awesome proprietary tools.



Screen Shot for DeltaAdvance Engine

Run for it!



Are there any movie
sequences in the game?



We were able to tackle all of our storytelling via real-time, 3D cinematics
using our game engine and a mix of storybook interludes and NPC moments.


Awesome!  Tell us about the
enchanted worlds players will visit.



Players will visit all the big, new locations in the movie such as "Far, Far
Away" and travel through the "Spooky Forrest," a place inspired by the Shrek
4D Ride at Universal Studios. We also visit familiar locations like "Shrek’s
Swamp" and original locales such as "The Dwarven Mines" and "Jack & Jill’s
Farm."  In "Jack and Jill’s Farm," Shrek and Co. are trying to get jobs as
delivery guys so they can gain entry to the fortified labs of the main villain
but in this version Jack and Jill aren’t around but the Three Little Pigs are
and they’re doing a great job of running the place into the ground. They need
you and you need them, so it’s win-win for everyone 🙂


There’s always a funny
premise for visiting each location.



Screen Shot for DeltaAdvance Engine

Looks like a
party game.



Who is the game geared
towards?  Who is your target audience?



We believe the game will
appeal to the same audience as the film – everyone. We worked hard to make
sure the game could appeal to all ages as it has a wide variety of gameplay,
it’s simple and intuitive, but has innovation and depth to keep more seasoned
gamers happy. Folks who don’t play many games will have fun with it because of
the humor, personality and the multiplayer ability.


Thank you for your time.