GZ News Update 6/5/14: Dead Rising 3 coming to PC and Driveclub boasts impressive load times

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PS4/Vita bundle coming to U.S., according to retailer ad

Earlier today, Sony confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 4/Vita bundle; however, they wouldn't reveal what markets it would be sold in. Insead, a Sony spokesperson simply said it would be announced "on a regional basis." Well, if an Best Buy ad posted by Twitter userWario64 is legit, then the United States could be one of those regions.

Despite Driveclub's gorgeous graphics, each track "will take no more than 15 seconds to load"

The wait for Driveclub has been agonizing. With only glimpses shown, fans are more than ready to get their hands on the PS4 exclusive racing game. Today, PlayStation Blog's, Fred Dutton, shared 51 details about Driveclub. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them detailed just how pretty the game will be.

Dead Rising 3 headed to PC this summer

Dead Rising 3, an exclusive launch title for the Xbox One, is headed to PC. In announcing its E3 2014 plans, Capcom revealed Dead Rising 3 will be available for PC digital download on Steam globally this summer. A retail version will be made available in Europe as well.