GZ News Update 5/28/14: Garden Warfare coming to PS4 and Battlefield: Hardline confirmed

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Ubisoft seeing 'significant improvement' in Watch Dogs online services

Though Watch Dogs made its much anticipated launch this week, the release hasn't gone as Ubisoft probably would've hoped. Severe server load issues have hindered many of the games online experience which, according to Ubisoft, is in the process of being fixed. Unfortunately, it will still take some time as the teams are working to stabilize the servers. Going back to yesterday, here's the progress of Watch Dogs' online status

PAX Prime 2014 tickets are now on sale. GO!

What are you doing reading this?! You should be heading over to the PAX Prime ticket ordering page to reserve your spot in the ticket queue (because we all know it's only a matter of minutes until they sell out).

EA hints Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare coming to PS4

PopCap Games Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare could be coming to PlayStation consoles, if Electronic Arts' recent teaser images are any indication. Earlier today, the publisher took to Twitter and posted two separate pictures hinting that PopCap's Xbox/PC-exclusive shooter could also be coming to PS4 and PS3.

Battlefield: Hardline confirmed; reveal coming at E3

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the rumored Battlefield: Hardline will, in fact, be the next entry to the publisher's long-running first-person shooter franchise. In development at Visceral Games, Battlefield: Hardline will branch away from the traditional military shooter theme we're used to seeing from the franchise and instead be centered around the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.