GZ News Update 11/15/13: Exclusives announced for PS4 and Dez Bryant goes full Oprah

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New Uncharted teased for PS4

Not much is known about the game and Naughty Dog didn't spoil anything, but they did say there were quite a few hints hidden within the teaser trailer. One thing we did notice is that the voiceover in the trailer didn't appear to sound like Nolan North.

Destiny beta coming first to PS3 and PS4

PlayStation owners will have first access to the beta for Bungie's upcoming MMO shooter, Destiny. The announcement was made during last night's PlayStation 4 All Access event, where Naughty Dog also revealed a new Uncharted will be coming to PS4.

Making use of his time off during the Dallas Cowboys bye week, Dez Bryant, the team's star wide receiver, decided to head to Walmart late last night to pick up his PlayStation 4 at launch. And in doing so, he bought PlayStation 4 systems for at least four other people.