GZ News Update 11/14/13: Free games coming to Xbox One and PS4s are breaking

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Xbox LIVE Gold members to get free Xbox One games each month

Microsoft's Games with Gold, a promotion that provides two free games per month to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers, will carry over to the Xbox One. Microsoft had been testing the promotion on the Xbox 360 over the past few months, but it was never confirmed if it would be offered on the Xbox One. Now we know it will.

Apparently, there's no need to worry about getting a defective PlayStation 4 when going to pick up your next-gen console. Despite growing concern stemming from a number of sources claiming early PS4 units are breaking on them, Sony claims this is within company "expectations for a new product introduction."

Xbox One or PlayStation 4? That's the big debate among gamers as we head into the launch of the next-generation, and the question most general consumers will ask this holiday season. Journalists, analysts, and internet personalities have all weighed in on the subject. Arguments between fanboys have raged on forums and comment threads.