GZ News Update 10/2/13: Tom Clancy passes and Xbox One understands two people at once!

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Best-selling author Tom Clancy dead at age 66

Late Tuesday night at a Baltimore, MD hospital, best-selling author Tom Clancy died; he was 66-years-old. 

Clancy was a prolific author, writing many military novels that later became movies and spawned a successful career in the video game industry. Some of his best works of fiction have been The Hunt for Red OctoberPatriot GamesClear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears, all of which were turned into amazing films with actors Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck portraying the famous Clancy character Jack Ryan.

More evidence points to Half-Life 3 in development

Shortly after Valve's registration for the Half-Life 3 trademark was discovered, the developer's internal User Picker software was mysteriously made open to the public last night.

GTA Online update: Rockstar 'working around clock' to resolve issues

Grand Theft Auto Online went live yesterday — sort of. As most are probably aware by now, the online multiplayer component to Grand Theft Auto 5 has been plagued by server issues and numerous bugs which Rockstar is "working around the clock" to resolve.

Xbox One Kinect can understand, distinguish two people talking at the same time

A new feature for Xbox One’s Kinect is the ability to discern between two people talking at the same time, this according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer at the Eurogamer Expo in London.