GZ News Update 10/15/13: PS4’s Red Line of Death and Watch Dogs delayed until 2014

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Watch Dogs and The Crew delayed until Spring 2014

All the signs were there… With barely a playable demo at any recent Expo, it was increasingly clear that perhaps Ubisoft wasn't quite ready to reveal their next-gen version of Chicago to the masses quite yet.

New PS4 commercial airs during Monday Night Football

If you were watching the Chargers dominate time of possession during their 19-9 win over the Colts on Monday Night Football, you might have noticed a new commercial for the one-month-away PlayStation 4.

Clear out those Xbox 360 hard drives, Battlefield 4 has a 14GB install for optimal performance

It's becoming more and more commong for games to have mandatory installs in order for them to function and run properly on consoles. Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 is such a game.

PS4 has a Red Line of Death, shuts down to prevent overheating

The dreaded Red Ring of Death. Easily a gamer's worst nightmare. When you saw those red lights flashing, you knew you were doomed. It looks like we're not ready to escape that dreaded color just yet. But it's not entirely a bad thing