GZ News Update 10/14/13: Rockstar won’t bring back deleted character and Xbox Ones available at Best Buy

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Rockstar admits characters lost during GTA Online's launch are gone forever

We already know that Rockstar is giving an in-game cash stimulus of $500,000 to all Grand Theft Auto Online players for the game's launch troubles. While that is certainly noble of them, it doesn't make lost characters and ranks come back.

Hacker commandeers the League of Legends’ co-founders Twitter to reveal spin off game and make threats

When you’re at the top of the most popular video game in the world, you tend to gain a lot of attention. Over this last weekend, this was the exact case for Riot Games President and Co-Founder Mark Merill. This hacker posted an image of a previously scraped League of Legends spin off game called Supremacy. A website with the same name was registered by Riot in April of last year.

Borderlands 2’s $100,000 Loot Hunt has begun and Moxxi wants you to win a PlayStation Vita

Heya Vault Hunters, I get this feeling you like loot. Here’s a question for you though, what is better than Borderlands 2 in game loot? Answer: loot in real life through completing tasks in game. Until November 7th, there will be a daily target that you Vault Hunters are going to want to take out. The first was that notorious Knuckle Dragger, followed by Boom Bewn, and lastly today’s target Captain Flynt. Why do all this? Well, in game loot, the chance to win prizes from Sony, Turtle Beach, NVIDIA, Brady Games, and potentially $50,000 – that’s why.

Xbox One: Day One Editions available for pre-order at Best Buy for limited time

Looking for an Xbox One? Best Buy has the Xbox One: Day One Edition available for pre-order again, which you can find HERE. You should head over there now while it's still in stock.