Gurumin No Longer in Short Supply

May 8, 2007

Gurumin No
Longer in Short Supply

Suggested Retail Price Cut in Half to $19.99
to Reward RPG Fans’ Patience

 Gamers hoping to play Gurumin: A Monstrous
Adventure, the Nihon Falcom action-RPG for PSP localized and published by
Mastiff, LLC, should have an easier time of it, as Mastiff announced today that
supply has been increased at a number of retail locations nationwide. Copies of
the critically acclaimed action-roleplaying game can be found at retailers
across North America.

Gamers in some regions had trouble finding the
game in the weeks following its February release, as supplies were extremely
limited; however, consumers who failed to find the game initially will have
their patience rewarded – the suggested price of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure
has been cut in half, bringing the price down to only $19.99.

"The PSP system has dropped to $169.99,"
commented Parin, the 14-year-old star of Gurumin, "So you really don’t have any
more excuses to not run out and pick up my game now. If you’re still holding
out, you should just give up video games entirely, and take up something more
your speed – like needlepoint!"

"Between the increased availability and the
economical price, RPG fans should now have no trouble getting their hands on
Gurumin," said Bill Swartz, Head Woof of Mastiff, LLC.

Gurumin has won the hearts of dozens of
reviewers, including Gabe Graziani of GameSpy, who said, "Gurumin: A Monstrous
Adventure delivers the classic Japanese RPG experience and is simultaneously
adorable and hilarious … if you’re only planning to get a single RPG for your
PSP this year, this could well be the one to play."

"Charming, full of personality, and with a gentle
sense of humor, Gurumin is a bright and catchy portable game," said Heather
Campbell of Play magazine. Electronic Gaming Monthly even compared Gurumin to a
gaming legend: "Gurumin’s solid gameplay and likeable characters make it the
closest thing to a Zelda game you’ll find on Sony’s handheld."