Guild Wars 2 Asura Week Continues With Tour of Rata Sum, New Asura Web Page

ArenaNet continued Guild Wars 2 Asura Week with the launch of a new web page detailing the Asura race along with a trailer showcasing the magnificent Rata Sum, a huge floating city and central hub for the Asura race.

The new Asura web page gives a detailed background history of the “smartest people in Tyria”, including the pros and cons of being an Asura in Guild Wars 2. “The asura are a proud—some might say haughty—people, great in knowledge if not always in wisdom. And a great pride often leads to a great fall.” Because of that, the greatest danger to the asura is other Asura. Not only does an Asura worry about threats from around the land of Tyria, but internal politics, individual agenda, and personal rivalries are dangers from within their own race.

“Putting aside the sometimes dramatic, even explosive, nature of their experiments, a group of asura have banded together to form their own meta-krewe. Known as the Inquest, these Asura combine their resources into a larger organization and share their knowledge among their own members—never with those outside the Inquest. They are more involved in the activities of individual members, and they are less hampered by morality than the other Asura, going so far as to use and abuse the spirits of sentient beings in their relentless research. As a result, they are both highly effective and extremely dangerous. Their goal is nothing less than the domination of all Tyria, including the Elder Dragons, and they will not let anyone or anything stand in their way.”

Let’s get down to the real highlight, a new video detailing the greatest of Asura cities, the mighty Rata Sum. Rata Sum is a huge floating cube riddled with interior passages, its upper reaches divided into smaller cubes. This grand city may sound great, but be careful as “the depths of this great cube are still being excavated by unsleeping golem servitors.” Who knows what dangers will lurk beneath the surface. Although Rata Sum is the central hub, the Asura have spread their laboratories and research facilities throughout the Tarnished Coast.

Enough rambling, just watch the tour in the video below: