Guild Wars 2 to be Showcased at G-Star 2011


NCSoft has a rather historic line of MMOs in their pocket, starting with Lineage, which was once the biggest MMO of all time. However, it seems obvious that some of their games are starting to show their age, especially Guild Wars. Thankfully, it seems it's time for a sequel. 

Attendees of the G-Star trade show in Korea will be able to get an exclusive look at the upcoming Guild Wars 2. The game's developer ArenaNet will be showing off the Human Starting Area, where players of that particular race learn the ins and outs of the game, and get their character outfitted for those first few dungeons. The game promises a lot of new features as well, including a skill point collection system (which players use to unlock new skill sets), completely new character customization options, and a revamped dye system

Attendees will also get to participate in one of three boss fights versus either The Shadow Behemoth, Tequatl or The Shatter. Definitely exciting stuff for Guild Wars fans!