Guild Wars 2’s The Origins of Madness update live today

For all you Guild Wars 2 players who have been waiting to stick it to Scarlet Briar and other villains of Tyria, now is the time. As of today, the ‘Origins of Madness’ update is live. This is the first living update of 2014 and we can only expect more to come later in the year.

Those following the story thus far will have to match wits, swords, and spell against the schemes of the most vile villainy in all of Tyria. Through these battles, truths and revelations will be revealed to players. The battle with Scarlet Briar will take place on two fronts and will put all lives in peril.

One front takes place in the mountains of Lornak’s Pass where armies of Twisted Marionettes reside. The other front houses the Bloodtide Coast and a Giant Jungle Wurm with three massive heads. So yea, you have a lot of work cut out for you. Best of luck taking down all the baddies and finally sticking it to Scarlet – she has it coming.