Guild Wars 2 crowned ‘fastest-selling Western MMO of all time’

Apparently selling three million copies in the first nine months of release is enough to earn Guild Wars 2 the title of "fastest-selling Western MMO of all time."

“After triangulating against multiple data sources, it’s clear that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling Western MMO of all time based on the first nine months of availability,” said DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole.

“This puts Guild Wars 2 in an impressive position when they release in China, where we’ve seen similar franchises really take off."

While the milestone is certainly remarkable, I believe the title can be up for debate — especially when you take into account the most recent sales for World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion which sold 3.3 million copies in the first day alone. Are they not counting that because it's an expansion? For a more level comparison, World of Warcraft itself, which launched in November 2004, didn't reach two million subscribers until June 2005. Then again, World of Warcraft also charges a monthly fee, so are the comparisons really fair?

Regardless, who would pass up on the opportunity to be hailed as the "fastest-selling Western MMO of all time"?