GTA Online Has Generated Over Half A Billion In Microtrasactions

Rockstar's biggest product continues to succeed.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest games of this generation, no doubt. It made around $800 million just in it's first 24 hours of being on store shelves back in 2013 and within 72 hours it had already reached $1 billion! Is it any surprise to see it's still making loads of money nearly three years after?

Thanks to the lawsuit between Rockstar Games and former Rockstar North president, Leslie Benzies, we now have numbers to see how well GTA Online is doing financially. The free online mode to Grand Theft Auto V has generated over half a billion dollars thanks to the in-game microtransactions that allows players to buy in-game cash to spend on all sorts of luxuries like yachts and exotic sports cars.

"GTA Online has the potential to achieve the greatest profit margin of any game created in the GTA franchise," reads a line from the lawsuit. This is in part because GTA Online's microtransactions have "nearly 100 percent profit margin,"

Obviously this large amount of profit has allowed Rockstar to continue to release free updates that add new game modes and items for players to buy. Who knew something as simple as virtual clothes and cars could make a company so much money?!

Sadly, Rockstar Games may not be allowed to keep all this money due to the fallout with Leslie Benzies where Benzies reported a total of $150 million in unpaid royalties after "leaving" the company. We will continue to keep you updated on the story as it develops.