GTA 5 voice actor knows ‘nothing’ about Story Mode DLC

So is he beiing coy or is it really not happening?

Rockstar has been teasing "big plans" for Story Mode DLC in Grand Theft Auto 5 since 2013, but they have yet to release any more information on subject. Shawn 'Solo' Fonteno, the voice actor for one of the game's protagonists known as Franklin, has been hard at work keeping the hype for Story Mode DLC alive. 

Every couple of months, Fonteno releases an image of himself in a motion capture suit in RockStar's studio. It appears as though he has been teasing upcoming Story Mode DLC for GTA 5, but the game's other voice actors don't seem to be on the same page as him.

“EVERYBODY wants single player DLC…I know NOTHING about that," wrote Michael’s voice actor Ned Luke on his Facebook page. "Don’t know when it’s gonna happen or even IF it’s gonna happen. But I do know the boyz are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past.”

GTA 5 released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions releasing the following year. All of the DLC that has been released since the game launched has been focused on the game's online mode, hopefully we get to see some Story Mode DLC soon.