GTA 5 PC version referenced in leaked bug log

New evidence, in the form of a leaked bug report, indicates Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC. As if we didn't already know. Apparently the log was first leaked as an XML file back in September 2013; however, it was recently hosted on a public Google drive server. The log has since been removed from the server, but not before PC Gamer got their hands on it.

Looking over the leaked 150-page log, the site claims that there over 170 references to a PC version of the game from as early as June 2012. Getting into specifics, log specifically references numerous notes on "DX11 support and a related 'smog' weather setting." There's also mention of a "lastgen" toggle.

This is hardly the first evidence we've seen regarding a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Aside from the fact that every Grand Theft Auto game has eventually made it to PC, there have been numerous reports stemming from retailer leaks to leaked footage. Rockstar has yet to officially announced a PC version of the game, leading many gamers to start an online petition which now has over 650,000 signatures.