GTA 5 Online hits new milestone in 2017; New in-game deals detailed

Congrats Rockstar!

gta 5 online

Despite releasing in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5’s Online mode saw its biggest milestone yet in 2017. Last year, was the biggest year to date for GTA Online. In addition to that, this past December saw more in-game players than ever before.

Rockstar won’t be spending too much time celebrating their success in GTA Online, as they have already moved on to bring new deals and items to the game for the week.

The Lampadati Viseris (above) has been added to the vehicle catalog at Legendary Motorsport. The vehicle features upgrade options in the Vehicle Workshop of an MOC or Avenger. Alongside the Viseris, comes Double GTA$ and RP on all Lester Contact Missions until January 15th.

Weekly Deal of 25% off the following items through January 15th:

  • Nagasaki Ultralight (Plane)
  • Aircraft Weapons
  • Vehicle Armor
  • Headlights & Neons
  • Skirts
  • Spoilers
  • Suspension
  • Turbos

Here are this week’s Premium Race and Time Trial, they will be available through January 15th. Top three finishers in Premium Races will earn GTA$ and all competitors will earn Triple RP no matter where they place. Time Trial competitors need to bee par time to be rewarded with GTA$ and RP.

  • Premium Stunt Race – “Island Hopping” Locked to Blazer Aqua
  • Time Trial – “Maze Bank Arena”