GTA 5 Online event discounts property costs, doubles racing points

Save big and ride high

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online’s latest event is Sabre Week, which will run through Thursday, April 21.

Sabre Week proper begins Tuesday, April 19 with the release of the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom muscle car, which will be available at Benny’s Original Motor Works. To help set the high-octane mood, all racing points will be doubled for the entirety of the event, with additional bonuses available for playing and driving with friends.

The Sabre Turbo won’t come cheap, so to help players save money in preparation for their fleet of muscle cars, all properties, including garages, will be 20 percent cheaper through April 21. Property owners will also be able to enjoy free mechanic service. Additionally, tattoos, hairstyles and select Lowriders-brand clothing will be discounted by up to 50 percent.

Sabre Week follows the recent release of Inch by Inch, a new GTA Online game mode which tasks players with obtaining and delivering packages in a capture the flag-esque scenario. Another unique vehicle, the Vapid Minivan, was also added in the game’s April 12 update.

Source: Rockstar

Via: Gamespot