GTA 5 multiplayer will be ‘best yet’, says Rockstar

Over the past few weeks we've received tons of details about Grand Theft Auto 5. Most of it, however, has been relating to the single-player portion of the game. Among the many details revealed, we learned that the main story will focus on three main playable characters. But what about multiplayer?

Aside from knowing that GTA 5 will use Rockstar's "crews" feature, we don't really know much about multiplayer. Hopefully that'll change in the near future, but for we have to settle for what Rockstar's Dan Houser tells usand that is GTA 5's multiplayer will be "one of the best"  Rockstar has delivered yet.

Speaking to IGN, Houser said the multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto 5 features "the most comprehensive package and the best set of things you can do and ways you can organize and try to make it compelling."

"We think there's something very compelling about open world multiplayer," Houser explained. "We believe this is the game with which we will finally convince other people of that, a large number of other people."

"We just need to get closer before we're quite ready to show it," he concluded. 

Are you excited for Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer or are you planning on buying it solely for the single-player story?