GTA 5: GTA Online ‘I’m Not a Hipster’ weekend event starts today

In celebration of Grand Theft Auto 5's newest "I'm Not a Hipster" Update, Rockstar Games is hosting a special weekend event in Grand Theft Auto Online. The "I'm Not  a Hipster" weekend event, which begins today, offers GTA Online players exclusive in-game vintage shirts, bonus GTA$ and RP, and event crate drops filled with all sorts of goodies. So here are the details.

Social Club members can collect three exclusive vintage t-shirts that will only be available to redeem for one day each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As long as you play at some point during each of those days then you'll get to keep the tees in your inventory for good.

  • Friday June 20th – The classic Bitch’N Dog Food tee – your favorite pet food brand since your halcyon days back in Liberty City.
  • Saturday June 21st – Show your friends that you're willing to pay more for music that sounds worse, with the Vinyl Countdown tee.
  • Sunday June 22nd – Pick up the Homies Sharp tee – perfect attire for those lazy and hazy daze with your Crew.

And here are some of the GTA$ and RP bonuses you can get during the weekend:

  • Get Double GTA$ all weekend when you play in the official "I'm Not a Hipster" event playlist.
  • Get Triple RP for enemy kills and Quadruple GTA$ inside gang attack crates when playing the three new Gang Attacks this weekend
  • Get Double RP for kill streaks and headshots in deathmatches
  • Bet limit increased for all jobs to GTA$10K
  • Look out for Event Crate Drops which can contain huge RP bonuses, GTA$ stacks, heavy-duty RPGs, miniguns, sticky bombs, and more. They will fall from the skies in the city's "most painfully hip locations" such as Mirror Park.

In case you've missed it, here are the patch notes for GTA 5's Title Update 1.14.

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