GTA 5: GTA Online hosting a Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

No plans for this Friday? Log in to Grand Theft Auto Online and spend Valentine's Day the right way — running rampant in Los Santos, beating hookers and robbing convenience stores. But to make sure you do so in style, Rockstar Games will be releasing a free update for Grand Theft Auto 5, offering a variety of fun Valentine's themed extras for the game's story mode and GTA Online. Who says you can't be romantic when partaking in races and deathmatches?

So what can players expect with the release of the Valentine's Day Massacre Special

New attire. This is Valentine's Day; get dressed up! GTA 5 will have a slew of new double breasted suits and 1920s flapper dresses. For those of you feeling extra sexy, various undergarments will be available as well. Additionally, there's an increased selection of new masquerade masks, novelty t-shirts, hats and even a new hairstyle, the Flapper Bob for ladies.

In addition to new outfits, a new weapons, the Gusenberg Sweeper, will be available at your local Ammu-Nation in GTA Online (in story mode, it'll be automatically deposited into each character's weapon inventory with two full clips).

Of course, if you're going to dress the part and shoot the part, the you need to drive the part. So a new classically-inspired Albany Roosevelt — an armored 1920s limousine — will be available as well. In Story Mode, you can access it from any garage property. GTA Online players can find it from the in-game website.

Lastly, the Valentine's Day Massacre Special will add 10 new jobs to GTA Online, including Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump and new land, sea and cycling Races.

All of the above mentioned items will be available for a limited time starting this Friday. However, once you acquire them, they will stay in your inventory forever. Nothing fills the void in an empty heart like a nice suit and an armored limo.

On a side note, Rockstar promises more info regarding other GTA Online content is coming soon. This includes the Dangerous Business Pack, Online Heists, an expansion to the Creator tool and more.

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