GTA 5 DLC: Story Mode to get new Assassination and Flight School missions

Grand Theft Auto 5's single player Story Mode is poised to get new Assassination and Flight School missions, Rockstar Games teased today.

Hidden away in the depths of today's GTA Online 'The Business Update' announcement, Rockstar briefly mentioned what's on the road map for GTA 5. Though the developer didn't get into specifics, Rockstar did specifically mention Online Heists and a Capture Creator update for GTA Online, as well as "new Assassination and Flight school missions for Story Mode and much more…"

Rockstar's plans fall in line with a leak we heard earlier this month from GTA Forums user funmw2. While browsing through GTA 5's directory, the user found files referencing new special abilities, additional phone apps, some more weapons (wrench and shovel), and assassination missions. The DLC assassination files were empty at the time, but Rockstar's comment today assures us of the legitimacy of the leak.

Rockstar Games has yet to go into tremendous depth regarding its Story Mode DLC plans, but in December the studio did mention "big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin and Trevor's action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Souther Andreas." Story Mode has seen some additional content in the form of new cars and weapons, but none of it has really been "substantial."

While we wait for more details regarding Story Mode, players can at least enjoy The Business Update for GTA Online which is due out next Tuesday, March 4th.