GTA 5 Cast Removed from IMDb


Last week we thought we had a legitimate "leak" thanks to IMDB updating the cast list of Rockstar's upcoming game Grand Theft Auto 5.  As it turns out, IMDb might have jumped the gun on their cast list.

For those who missed out, IMDb reportedly confimred actor Ned Luke, of Law & Order, would be voicing Albert De Silva in GTA 5.  That posting coincided with a tweet from actor Jimmy Taenaka congratulating Ned LUke as being the lead voice and profile in the game – leading many to believe in the "rumor". 

Now either the posting was true and Rockstar told them to remove it, or someone may have prematurefly posted the cast list.  Also listed on the cast page was Carl C.J. Johnson (Rumored) and Niko Bellic.

It should be noted that IMDb can easily be updated by users after a simple submission process so those rumors and postings could've been false all along.  Rockstar has remained mum on the entire situation, simply allowing fans and sites to speculate on who will star in the blockbuster game.  All we have is what Rockstar gives us – and as of right now, it's only the trailer.