Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball 2 Hits in 2009

November 14, 2008

Greg Hastings’ Tournament
Paintball 2 Hits in 2009

Greenwave proudly announces Greg
Hastings’ Tournament Paintball 2 (GHTP2), a new first person shooter capturing
the sick intensity and incredibly unique gameplay of paintball – the Sport of

The Greg Hastings’ Tournament
Paintball video game franchise will again impress dedicated gamers and paintball
players alike who are looking for speed, strategy and skill in their next
console shooter. GHTP 2 will launch on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment
system from Microsoft in 2009. Other game platforms will be announced at a
future date.

Set on the most realistic paintball
battlefields, and utilizing distinct paintball formats, including 7 Man, 10 Man
Woodsball, and Scenario play, GHTP2 will push the envelope of technology,
showcasing artificial intelligence, graphics, physics and animations that fully
embrace the true nature and realism of competition paintball. Gamers will take
on real teams and earn their ranks in real leagues. On the road to becoming a
champion in tournament speedball, woodsball and scenario tournaments, gamers
will have an incredible array of paintball weaponry at their disposal, well
beyond just paintball markers.

"GHTP has been in the top 10 on Xbox
LIVE and critically acclaimed by world champion gamers, so I’m very excited to
deliver another hit paintball shooter," said Greg Hastings, who has been a
professional paintball player for the last 21 years and deeply involved in the
development of the GHTP franchise since its inception. "We are coding
specifically for Xbox 360 and each other console, so you won’t see a substandard
port here. Paintball isone of the fastest sports in the world, so I insist that
our entire dev team become proficient at paintball. Once again, GHTP2 will
thoroughly surprise you."

Utilizing an all new proprietary
engine, the much anticipated GHTP sequel will bring new, high-definition life
into the GHTP franchise. With heavy emphasis on team management, growth of
individual skills, choice of path through game, and fun paintball oriented
gameplay, GHTP2 represents Greg Hastings and Greenwave’s continued commitment to
deliver a unique shooter experience. GHTP2 is not yet rated.

"Making this game is a fun process,"
said Oliver Lang, Captain of the World Champion Ironmen. "It’s very easy to see
that this is authentic paintball. The more you make your character play smart
paintball and by articulating your character’s body movements and positioning
correctly, the more you’ll blast your opponents in the face. I have a pretty big
character role in this game, so I’m having fun."

The first GHTP video game launched
on Xbox in 2004. Within a short time, the game’s unique and high speed gameplay
established a following in the gamer and paintball communities. GHTP earned
positive reviews, including a nomination by Gamespot for "Most Surprisingly Good
Game of 2004." With the interest and support of gamers and paintball players,
GHTP achieved Platinum status on Xbox and reached Top 10 on Xbox LIVE® online
entertainment network.