Great Invasions Is Now Available!

August 5, 2008

Great Invasions Is Now Available!

Survive the Dark Ages and Conquer
Europe at the head of an army or a barbarian horde!

Matrix Games and AGEOD are proud to
announce the addition of the classic strategy game of survival, advancement and
conquest in the Dark Ages, Great Invasions, to the Matrix Games catalog! Now
players can take command of one or more nations during the Dark Ages and try to
survive and succeed in any way they see fit!

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said “Great Invasions includes so many civilizations and
unlimited ways to conquer them! That versatility coupled with an easy user
interface and proven gameplay makes for hours of fun as you build an empire
second to none. We’re pleased to bring this classic title to our customers at a
bargain price.”

Are you a Roman Emperor or a Tribal
Chieftain – or both? Do you dream of conquering Europe at the head of a trained
and proper army or of a barbarian horde? With Great Invasions, anything is

Take command of several of almost 80
playable nations throughout 700 years of history starting in 350 AD, and lead
each of your historical nations from birth through growth, stability and
decline. It will not be easy to expand or, indeed, survive across the centuries
– but master the arts of diplomacy, war, economics, and administration and there
will be no limit to your ambitions!

Skillful rule and the right
stratagems will supply and strengthen your armies and maintain control over your
provinces… and always keep a watchful eye on your neighbors! Arrange marriages,
hire mercenaries, conduct sieges, trade resources and build up your economy. The
major religions also play a role in Great Invasions, as they have great
influence among populations. Church quarrels, missionary expeditions, the
appearance of a troublesome saint, holy wars and more can all plague even the
most robust plan for empire!

Features include:

  • Choose from several
    different scenarios, all with different political, diplomatic, and economic
    climates making for a completely different game experience with each one

  • Tons of historical detail to
    make Great Invasions accurate and fun including 150 historical events and over
    3700 key figures found during the game’s time period

  • Almost 80 playable nations
    and several extra non playable nations

  • Lead a series of nations
    through 700 years of history10 major religious denominations and almost two
    dozens heresies to rock your empire with unrest

  • Military leaders with
    attributes and talents that can command 20 different types of land units and 6
    types of naval units

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