Gravitronix Launching Next Week for 500 Wii Points

September 28, 2009

Launching Next Week for 500 Wii Points

Medaverse Studios is proud to
announce the release of Gravitronix for the WiiWare download service on October
5th for 500 Wii Points in North America!

Gravitronix is an action/battle game
in which players play as a “Gravity Platform” on the circumference of a circular
arena. The object of the game is to defend your territory on the arena while
assaulting enemy territories using only your wits, the projectiles that spawn in
the arena and the two powerful beams of your Gravity Platform.

Each territory is lined with a wall
of shield pieces when the game begins. Each shield piece will take three hits
before being destroyed. If a projectile exits the arena through a territory, the
territory and the players in it are defeated. The last territory standing is the

Players can play with either the Wii
Remote or Nunchuk controller. Twist your controller to move your Gravity
Platform within your territory. Press the A or C button to push projectiles away
and the B or Z button to capture projectiles and take aim at your opponents.
Each of the four projectiles has different properties, such as arcing 90 degrees
when fired from capture or creating a huge explosion when charged with energy.

Gravitronix is easy to learn but a
challenge to master, and is designed to appeal to gamers of all levels. From
players picking up a controller for the first time to veteran gamers who live
for intense, heated battles with their friends, Gravitronix offers something for