Grand Theft Auto V Voice Actor Revealed


Since the GTAV trailer dropped, people have been speculating about who the main character of the game will be. Today we're one step closer to knowing, as the voice of the trailer's narrator and the assumed protagonist has been outed on Twitter. 

As GamePro reports, several people have sent congratulatory Twitter posts to actor Ned Luke for his role in the trailer:

"Actor Jimmy Taenaka Tweets "My fellow thespian Ned Luke as the voice and profile in the upcoming game by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5! Way to go Ned! Holy Molly!" Luke's cousin, Rebecca Halls, also Tweets "Lol just heard the trailer and all I could do was laugh. Weird hearing my cousin's voice on here.""

This seems to be pretty clear evidence that Ned Luke is doing the voice in the trailer, and given that he looks startlingly like the supposed main character, he may be doing some MoCap work as well. We'll be sure to stalk poor Ned in the months to come!