Grand Theft Auto V ships 70 million copies, nearly outsells all of Wii U’s games combined; series total at 250 million

Will Red Dead Redemption 2 be able to replicate GTA's success?

Grand Theft Auto V is wildly successful. After selling a billion dollars worth of copies in three days, shipping 65 million copies in under three years, and maintaining a steady stream of revenue, it's safe to say Rockstar is swimming in money. The game is supported with regular updates to keep players returning and paying for in-game cash to buy new luxuries such as vehicles, weapons, clothes, and more. It's rare that Take-Two doesn't take time to boast about the game's success, and they did just that during their annual investors call.

Today during their investors call, Take-Two reported Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 10 million copies since February bringing its life time total to 70 million copies shipped. This is not the number of physical copies in the hands of customers, it's the number of copies that has accumulated in stores. It is still a remarkable number as most games don't come anywhere near close to that number and it means retailers are still actively ordering shipments of the game to keep up with demand!

To compare, GTA V has shipped 70 million copies since September 2013 and the Wii U has shipped 72 .64 million copies of their entire games catalog in that same time. Grand Theft Auto V has literally nearly outsold an entire console's entire library of games.

This also marks a new milestone for the Grand Theft Auto series as it hits 250 million copies shipped as a series. It should also be noted that this number is larger than the sales of all Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat & Monster Hunter games combined. Clearly there is demand for the series and Rockstar probably won't stop delivering content if recent rumors are anything to believe.

In related news, Take-Two also confirmed that Mafia 3 has shipped 4.5 million copies in its first week alone making it 2K's fastest selling title.

[Credit to ZhugeEx on Twitter for the statistics]