Grand Theft Auto V is free to own on the Epic Games Store

You have one week to claim it

Wow! Epic has started arguably the largest free game deal of all time by giving away Rockstar’s monumental blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V for absolutely free. No strings attached, no ifs or buts. Just go on GTAV’s store page on the Epic Games Store and claim your own copy of the game and you can keep and play it forever.  Even better, Epic is giving away the Premium Edition of GTAV which includes a whopping $1,000,000 to be used in GTA Online.

The Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition includes the complete Grand Theft Auto V story experience, free access to the ever evolving Grand Theft Auto Online and all existing gameplay upgrades and content including The Doomsday Heist, Gunrunning, Smuggler’s Run, Bikers and much more. You’ll also get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the fastest way to jumpstart your criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Grand Theft Auto V is the gift that keeps on giving. This time quite literally. What started out as just another blockbuster entry into the legendary open-world franchise way back in 2013 on last-gen systems, has grown into one of the biggest success stories in gaming. Period.

Every GTA game is a huge hit but the lengths GTAV went are even astonishing among its predecessors. Which is even more insane when you consider just how big GTAIII or San Andreas was. But the fifth game is just on another level, only competing with cultural phenomena the like of Tetris and Minecraft. We’re talking well over 120 million copies sold and counting. That’s insanity!

If you’re not aware of the game’s everlasting popularity, immediately after the deal on the Epic Games Store went live, the entire website crashed hard due to the immense rush of users who wanted to get the game. The store is still reeling in from the onslaught, so you might have to try a couple of times or wait a few hours. We’re talking about a seven-year-old game that is managing to still create that much interest.

But if for some reason you are part of the group of gamers who don’t own Grand Theft Auto V, now’S your chance to rectify that. You don’t even have to pay a dime as Epic is giving away the game for free. The deal is running from today until May 21st.