Grand Theft Auto 5 Review Round-up Part 2: More perfects

Yesterday, we brought you the first batch of reviews for Grand Theft Auto 5 from around the web. 24 hours later, Rockstar Games' highly anticipated game has released and the game still stands at a solid 98 Metacritic score, challenging its predecessor, GTA 4, for the highest rated game of all time.

So what are some other sites saying about Grand Theft Auto 5? Is it living up to the hype?

Inside Gaming Daily – 10/10

"I’ve been with GTA since the beginning way back in ‘97, and it feels like GTA V is the culmination of everything we love about the series: It’s big, it’s pretty, and most importantly it’s just nonstop fun."

Official Xbox Magazine – 10/10

"Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most impressive games of its generation – and a great last hurrah before we step up to the next one."

Edge Magazine – 10/10

"As we stand on the brink of a new generation, GTAV sends an intimidating message to the rest of the industry. Beat that."

GameTrailers – 9.8/10

"GTA 5 always seems to give you something new to experience, and when you complete the campaign you'll realize the game only asked you to engage with around half of it. If you like GTA, you own it already. If you don't, you're missing out on a brilliant gem of a game."

Digital Spy – 100/100

"With a great cast, a huge list of missions and activities, some novel new gameplay additions and one of the most stunning environments we've ever explored, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a masterpiece and a hugely impressive technological achievement."

So…. more perfects. Reviews will continue to roll in as GTA 5 releases today to the general public. If we missed your review be sure to email it to us at [email protected].