Gran Turismo Sport Won’t Have Microtransactions, Promises Yamauchi

Series creator takes a stand against a very disliked practice in gaming.


They're one of the worst business practices in the video game industry. They can work just fine in Free-to-play games if done right (No, not you Battlecrew: Space Pirates). But Triple-A titles don't have any place in the microtransaction world. The much-anticipated Shadow of War received some major flak for its announced inclusion of microtransactions for its October release. But Kazunori Yamauchi, series creator of Gran Turismo, assured fans that the next title of theirs, Gran Turismo Sport, will not feature any sort of microtransactions.

In a recent Q&A session hosted at PlayStation Experience Malaysia 2017, Yamauchi confirmed this. He did, however, announce DLC and post-launch updates. Whether or not they would be paid was not clarified, but it's likely that DLC is paid while updates are not. 

This is likely is a response to bad feedback from Gran Turismo 6  having the ability to purchase in-game credits with real money. Even if the series had faulted in the past, it's good to know they can learn from past mistakes instead of finding a different path towards something fans ultimately don't want.

GT Sport will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 17.