Gran Turismo Sport heading to PS4

It's championships are recognized by the FIA!

It's happening – Gran Turismo is coming to the PlayStation 4! Gran Turismo Sport will bring new championship modes that, for the first time ever, will be recognized by the FIA. What does this mean? This means that during the official FIA prize giving event, champions from Gran Turismo Sport's competitions will be announced alongside real-world racers like Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton.

Gran Turismo Sport will feature two Championships throughout the year:

  • Nation Cup: Represent your own country
  • Manufacturer Fan Cup: Rep your favorite car manufacturer

With the PlayStation 4 the developers at Polyphony Digital have been able to upgrade the graphics, the audio and more for Gran Turismo Sport to have the most realistic feeling, looking and sounding gameplay of all Gran Turismo games.

Oh, and it's supporting PlayStation VR.

GT Sport beta testing will begin in early 2016, no release window was announced.