Gran Turismo 5 Gets Update and Upcoming DLC

According to Joystiq, Gran Turismo 5 will offer some new toys to play with December 20 when a new update and downloadable content will be released for the popular racer on PlayStation 3.

To start, the main update will be absolutely free and will come with a few goodies. Along with improvements to the game's interface, it will also offer a 2013 Toyota GT-86 and give you 10 oil change and car wash coupons to offer your cars a little TLC.

The DLC, however, will cost $3.99 and is called Car Pack 2. As you can imagine, Car Pack 2 will consist of an entire lot of cars including a 2011 Mini Cooper S, a 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R, a 2012 Nissan GT-R Black R35 and a 2010 Volkswagen Gold VI R. You also get a little gift on the side if you have bought any previous Gran Turismo 5 DLC. For those of you who did, you will receive a go-kart called the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP.

Gran Turismo 5 is the recently released installment to one of the most popular games in the racing genre and is exclusive to the PS3.