..Grab a putter and hit the greens!

June 16, 2008

Grab a putter and hit the
greens!….the world of Crazy Mini Golf is here on the Nintendo Wii…

Crazy Mini Golf; known the world
over as the thing you do when you’re at the seaside, when the kids are bored or
when adults have had far too many drinks and see themselves as the next Tiger

Now you can have this much crazy fun
in your own home thanks to Data Design Interactive – a successful video games
publisher and games developer, who today announced a new title to be added to
their Nintendo Wii label, Popcorn Arcade, kidz Sports – Crazy Mini Golf.
DDI have incorporated two game styles; for first timers it’s a case of hitting
the A bottom when you are lined up, then moving your arm up and down before
hitting the B bottom – simple. If you fancy a real challenge, you could try the
Sim version where the hitting of the ball and its strength is down to you – once
mastered, you will feel like a putting green King…

There are 74 Crazy holes set over 4
wacky courses; you use the Wii Remote just like a real putter. There are various
Game Modes including Single Hole, Championship Challenge, and the ‘Crazy Golf

DDI are also introducing the all new
‘NuYu’ character editor. Have fun and a lot of laughs creating Kidz Sports
versions of you and your friends to play in game.

Take your putting to the next level
with Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf.