Gotham City Imposters launch trailer

It’s no secret that Gotham City just isn’t safe anymore.  The city is riddled (pun intended) with a variety of psychopathic folk with lots and lots of face paint.  When Batman is out of town though… who watches over things?  Are those low on the totem pole of evil able to run rampant through the streets without care or fear?

Of course not.  The Batman imposters are here to defend vs. the chaos of the Joker imposters.  Thus, Gotham City Imposters is born.  This is a fast paced, 6v6, first person shooter.  The game is built around comical action, homemade gadgets, and customization.  While playing you will level up, unlock new costume options, and ultimately build your perfect character.  Not only do you customize what your character looks like but also what weapons and items they have.  That’s right, totally unique classes. 

Gotham City Imposters is now out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.  Join either the Bats or the Jokerz in this fun-action pack slug fest.  This new trailer is just for release and gives a solid glimpse of what to expect in this Warner Brothers game.