Gorgeous space-shooter Everspace 2 blasts off this month

Available on Steam and GOG

Developer Rockfish Games announced the release date for their upcoming space-shooter Everspace 2. Gamers on the PC can look forward to January 18th for an action-filled adventure across space. You can watch the new teaser trailer below!

Everspace 2 targeted last December for release, but the studio decided to push back its launch by a month. The reason was, the initial date was simply too close to Cyberpunk 2077. Probably the right decision when you consider that pretty much the entirety of December revolved around the hype for Cyberpunk 2077. Both before and after its release.

Nonetheless, this last-minute delay will soon end. In a little less than two weeks to be precise. And even if you had your fill of space action with the first Everspace, the sequel has a lot to offer which ought to make it an entirely new experience altogether. That’s because it pretty much is one.

Everspace 2 makes the jump from a roguelike to a looter-shooter. A massive change in game design and progression. The developer is aiming to deliver an addictive experience more akin to Borderlands than Binding of Isaac.

Seeing how Everspace already focuses so much on space combat, this jump in design is actually pretty smart. It also allows the developer to focus more on a large and cohesive single-player campaign. One aspect many roguelikes usually have troubles in.

Last but not least, Everspace 2 will launch as an Early Access game. Meaning, the launch this month is only the start. And the game will improve and evolve over time. The developer targets the first half of 2022 for its full release.

Everspace 2 launches on January 18th on PC and will be available for purchase via Steam and GOG. Pre-orders aren’t live just yet but together with the release date, Rockfish Games also announced the price which is $39.99.