Google’s Translate app will soon be able to translate photos of signs

So… as if Google’s multi-lingual translation app didn’t do enough already, it will soon be able to do more.  I’ve been playing with this app for some time now, basically to harass the Czech and Portuguese speaking folk in the office.  The text to voice button makes it so I don’t even need to butcher the languages!

However, if you use this app for actual practical reasons, this update will help you never before.  A problem with voice translations is that it doesn’t really help you with reading all that well.  With this update, you’ll be able to take a picture with your phone camera and have the app translate the sign into the language of your choice.  That’s pretty awesome. 

How accurate will it be?  Unknown.  The app’s current features are pretty accurate so I expect the same sort of quality from these new features.  Here’s hoping.

[Engadget via AndroidCentral]

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