Google Australia puts the power of Legos into Chrome

With all the Lego craze going around, it's no wonder that Google has put together something totally awesome for Chrome browsers. Google Australia has launched Lego Build, which allows users to log on using their Google Chrome browsers, pick a plot of land on the continent of Australia, and build to their heart's content. Luckily you don't have to be in Australia to enjoy this as it seems to work no matter where you're located.

The diversity of bricks is rather low, as it seems like Build would prefer it if you built houses than anything else, but you can still get pretty creative.

If you're not the most creative type or you just want to check out what others have been creating, you can freely browse through anyone's completed creations by clicking around the Lego Australia map.

It's quite a unique take on Lego's and the community aspect is pretty awesome too. Make sure to check it out HERE