Goldeneye: Source Gets a Major Update

At this point it’s pretty likely that we’ll never see an HD port on Rare’s classic Goldeneye on XBLA, and maybe that’s for the best. Is the game still as good as we all thought it was so many years ago? Unlikely.

If you’re dying for some updated nostalgia and don’t want to taint your memories with Activision’s bastardization on the Wii, a Source mod has you covered.

Goldeneye: Source has been around for a while now, but “beta 4” is seeing a major update this week that adds considerable tweaks and changes.

The devs made a list of the Top 11 changes, though there are many more included:

1. Overhauled Capture The Key Deathmatch (multiple capture points, drop/pickup timer, etc.)
2. Integrated a fully functional in-game help system that is gameplay defined
3. Implemented walking animations when aimed
4. Gun Game can have multiple deathmatch rounds per match
5. Bullet impact ricochet sounds
6. Completely overhauled Silo and added Casino
7. Added an internal update checker to notify you of new versions instantly!
8. Implemented numerous gameplay HUD enhancements to bring you closer to the action
9. Updates to Basement, Egyptian, Runway, Aztec, Control, and Complex
10. Fixed crash on startup (infrequent) related to the intro movie
11. Implemented FMOD music/sound player enabling looping menu music and level load music

It’s only a matter of time before Activision gets jealous and slaps a cease and desist, so enjoy it while you can.