GoldenEye 007 didn’t get an Xbox 360 remake because of rights issues

They were too annoying.

Earlier this week we got a look at how GoldenEye 007 would have looked if it had been remade for the Xbox 360. That gameplay video released months after Xbox Head Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft had considered bringing GoldenEye to the Xbox 360.

"GoldenEye rights are so challenging, looked at this many times," said Spencer at the time. "Lot's of different parties to work with, we've always given up." Regardless of specifying that it was a rights issue, the reasoning behind GoldenEye not hitting the Xbox 360 was translated into being a code issue.

Spencer has come out to reconfirm that it has been a rights issue and not a coding issue. However, Spencer's response does somewhat confirm that the gameplay we saw earlier this week was real

With attention being brought back to the death of GoldenEye for the 360, there's hope that maybe Nintendo will get the message and jump on the remastered games train.

[Via GamesRadar]