Gog DRM-Free PC Winter Sale Includes Free Bioware Game

If you've never played Neverwinter Nights, now's your chance

GOG's winter sale, dubbed "The Monstrous Winter Sale", has launched today. GOG sets hundreds of games on huge sales and it opens with a free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition

For the first 48 hours of "The Monstrous Winter Sale", the 2005 released Bioware title will be free, after which the freebie disappears. But for the duration of the sale, ending December 11, GOG will be adding new games to list every day at 6 AM eastern time, so every day brings more to the deal. Lastly, every dollar spend will add to your XP which will allow you to unlock certain free games. The XP system of GOG is explained here, but for now, here's a list of some of GOG's first round of discounted titles.

Gog is also offering a "Build-your-own" bundle feature that allows you to pick multiple titles of a common element, such as EA RPGs or Star Wars. For more deals and future ones, check out GOG's website here.