God of War PSP Pack Now Available

June 3, 2008

God of War PSP Pack Now Available

On the heels of the successful
launch of God of War: Chains of Olympus in March, Sony Computer Entertainment
America today announced the availability of the limited-edition God of War® PSP®
Entertainment Pack ($199.99 MSRP). This highly anticipated bundle celebrates God
of War: Chains of Olympus, the first appearance of the best-selling God of War
franchise on the PSP system, and now the highest ranked PSP game of all time.

The God of War PSP Entertainment
Pack includes the following:

  • “Deep Red” PSP system with an
    image of Kratos silkscreened on the back of the unit; this is the only time
    that this special PSP color will be offered in North America and is sure to
    become a collector’s item.

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus –
    Developed from the outset as an original story, God of War: Chains of Olympus
    takes place before the events of the original God of War, delivering yet
    another adventure in the dark and brutal world of Greek Mythology that fans of
    the franchise have come to know and love. God of War: Chains of Olympus has
    been hailed by critics as the PSP system’s best game to date, earning stellar
    review scores from Game Informer (9/10), IGN (9.4/10 and Editors Choice), 1UP
    (9.5/10), among many others.

  • Superbad UMD video – This 2007
    box-office comedy hit from Columbia Pictures is a gut-busting coming-of-age
    comedy for a new generation.

  • Syphon Filter®: Combat Ops voucher
    – Download the PLAYSTATION Network exclusive title, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops,
    to your Memory Stick PRO Duo™ with the included voucher*. This latest edition
    of the critically acclaimed stealth action franchise was named the 2007 PSP
    Multiplayer Game of the Year by IGN.com. The title is currently available for
    $9.99 on PLAYSTATION®Store

With a worldwide install base of
nearly 38 million as of March 2008, PSP system continues to experience strong
momentum among gamers and portable entertainment enthusiasts. This newest bundle
will drive further consumer interest in the PSP, showcasing some of the system’s
multi-functional features.

The independent Entertainment
Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated the God of War PSP Entertainment Pack an
“M” for “Mature 17+.” The ESRB has rated Syphon Filter: Combat Ops a “T” for

*Voucher expires December 31, 2008.
Requires PSN Registration. User responsible for all applicable Internet fees.
Some services or features may require additional fees.