God of War IV Coming?

God of War is easily one of the most popular and lucrative PlayStation console exclusives ever created. With entries available on the PlayStation 2, PSP, and PlayStation 3, all of which have been commercial and critical successes, there’s no denying the action-adventure franchise’s worth. But after delivering yet another stellar entry in the main series in 2010, is developer Sony Santa Monica preparing to launch Kratos into the world of mythology, blood, and lust once more?

According to reputable gaming magazine PSM3, God of War IV is very much in development. As reported in an upcoming issue of the publication, the God of War series will see its return within the next year. “PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War IV is coming, and will hit in September 2012,” reads a feature in the magazine.

The full article can be read in next week’s issue of PSM3, and fans are sure to be frothing at the mouth as they learn more about God of War IV. It should be noted that this rumor of another God of War game isn’t the first to surface. Previously, reports circulated that the developers were looking into a cooperative online mode for the next God of War title. As mentioned by Sony Santa Monica, the God of War trilogy might have ended, but the series will live on.

Is it really surprising that God of War’s developers want to create a new entry in the franchise? Sure, the latest game launched only last year, but God of War fans hunger for the series like Kratos hungers for violence. If rumors are true, then it should come as no surprise that Sony is capitalizing on one of its most riveting series. If rumors prove to be false, well, they won’t stay like that for too long–God of War IV will happen eventually.