God of War director details world, combat, mechanics, and more in rapid fire interview

Please just tell us when it's releasing.

God of War
God of War

The return of God of War is one of the most anticipated things in gaming in 2018 despite the fact that we know very little about the game. The game is scheduled to release within the next 6 months and all we really know is that Kratos has moved far away from Greece into what many presume is Norway where he’ll fight Norse gods and monsters. The vengeful hero now has a child and must control his rage and teach his child how to survive.

The game will take cues from movies like The Road and games like Sony’s own The Last of Us and it’ll take a far more grounded approach to gameplay, tossing aside the ridiculous combo counter in favor of more traditional combat presentation.

In a brand new rapid fire interview with Game Informer, God of War game director Cory Barlog talked about a plethora of things featured (and not featured) in God of War such as a lack of jumping, the ability to chop down a tree, and much more. Do be aware that some of the questions and answers are jokes so don’t take everything said super literally like when he says that 30% of the game is on a boat because the game is over 30 hours long and let’s be real… you’re not going to be spending 9 hours+ on a boat.

Barlog also noted in a separate interview that the series may move toward Egyptian or Mayan eras after they’re finished with the Norse mythology but of course, we’ll have to see how this new one pans out. Barlog does sound pretty confident in this one, though so it’s unlikely they’ll disappoint.

God of War has no release date but will release exclusively on PS4 in 2018.