God of War: Ascension team has ‘pulled back’ from certain violence

Sony Santa Monica executive David Hewitt said that the God of War: Ascension team has drawn a line when it comes to violence.

"There are some things we've pulled back from," he told IGN. "I think where this has been an issue is with violence against women — the team's pulled back from some of that and assessed that a little more carefully.

"There are certain things that carry has a different kind of resonance that we don’t want to get into," he said. "This isn’t about statement-making in that regard. It’s about fleshing out this character."

But that doesn't mean Kratos is relishing in the brutality onscreen.

"There's not any kind of enjoying the moment," Hewitt said. "There's nothing about this that he's enjoying."

A prequel to the God of War trilogy, Ascension takes place six months after Kratos murders his family.

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