God of War: Ascension adds new co-op weapons

Sony Santa Monica unveiled a new set of weapons to be used in God of War: Ascension when executing Co-op Moves. The new weapons — Spear of Achilles, Hammer of Odysses, Sword of Orion, and Sword of Perseus — combine for more than 10 possible co-op moves.

Details on the exact weapon specifics are absent from the post, but each weapon can be used by executing a special attack, followed by a teammate tethering you once a green halo appears over your champion. Only one player needs to have the co-op weapon equipped.

The studio also added Mythological Heroes Armors, previously reserved for those who pre-ordered the game. These include the Armor of Achilles, Odysseus, Orion, and Persus.

You can find these Mythological Heroes Weapons in the PlayStation Network Store by simply searching for "God of War." Unfortunately, no pricing for any of the add-ons were revealed.

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